The big one      Southwest Virginia has some of the very best fly fishing/trout fishing anyplace in the states. The stream that runs in the back of Creeper Trail Cottages is ideal for fishing. The cold water streams and rivers above Damascus are excellent for the sport, and provide breathtaking scenery, as well. The tailwaters of South Holston Lake are just a short distance and provide excellent conditions year-round for angling.  Let Creeper Trail Cottages arrange a great fishing experience for you, complete with lodging, instruction, gear, meals, and transportation.  We join forces with the best guides in the area, so whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, we've got the right place and the right guide for you.  Check out the trout stocking schedule for Virginia by going here.
     Bird watching experts tell us that on the Virginia Creeper Trail alone, more than 30 types of birds can be observed at any one time in a short period of distance. Bird enthusiasts can expect to see a variety of Warblers including Ovenbird, Hooded, Black and White, Black-Throated Green, Northern Parula, common Yellowthroat, Yellow-Rumped, Black-Throated Blue and others. Additional birds that will likely be spotted include Red-Winged Blackbird, Dark-Eyed Junco, Carolina and House Wrens, Eastern Towhee, Wood Thrush, Blue-headed and Red-eyed vireos, Woodpeckers, Belted Kingfisher and Brown Thrasher. Many of these species can be observed just sitting on the "Watchable Wildlife Platform" near the river behind Creeper Trail Cottages. In fact, we have a resident Great Blue Heron and an adorable Belted Kingfisher couple living on the property. Bird guiding services are available for small groups (and a fee, of course) staying at Creeper Trail Cottages. Area experts love to share their bird knowledge.
The plants native to this area, including wild flowers, are extremely beautiful and there is something blooming almost year-round.   Just walking along the Creeper Trail Cottage river bank, or observing from the porch will give you an eye-full!
    Send us a mail and let us arrange a special fishing or nature weekend for you.


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      The Beautiful river front behind Creeper Trail Cottages is perfect for fishing, plant identification and bird watching.  The river extends along the two acres of private property owned by Creeper Trail Cottages. Fishing licenses are available across the street at CJ's Market, or can be obtained from Virginia Creeper Fly Shop.

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